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DMG - the German Mineralogical Society

The German Mineralogical Society (DMG) was founded in 1908 and today has about 1600 members, who mostly are employed in universities, research institutions, and a variety of business companies. The DMG promotes the science of mineralogy in all its branches in research and teaching. To this purpose it sponsors scientific meetings, workshops and short courses, and is the co-publisher of three journals and magazines. A DMG project group connects mineralogists to public schools and offers teaching units.

The annual DMG conference is held in German and English language. It is either arranged as an open society meeting or as a joint meeting with partner societies or integrated into larger events, as for example into the Goldschmidt Conference in Cologne 2007, the First European Mineralogical Conference in Frankfurt 2012, or the upcoming 2015 conference in Berlin that will be dedicated to 100 years of continental drift.

Each year the DMG sponsors a number of Short Courses that cover aspects of modern mineralogy and address Ph.D. students as well as interested graduate students and senior scientists. Some of the Short Courses are held completely in English and already attract large attendance from abroad (if interested please contact the local organizers).



In concert with other European Mineralogical Societies the DMG publishes the European Journal of Mineralogy



Since 2007 the DMG is part of the international publishing board of Elements


In cooperation with other national societies the DMG publishes GMit, the German news magazine for geological sciences




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The DMG cooperates with the (German) Geological Society (Geologische Vereinigung, GV) and the German Association for Crystallography (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kristallographie, DGK). Short course participation of society members is mutually sponsored. Students can obtain DMG/GV joint membership to well-priced conditions.


Together with 38 other national societies the DMG shares membership in the International Mineralogical Association (IMA), the world's largest organization promoting mineralogy. The 2014 representative for the DMG is Uwe Reimold.



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